• Tarique ISI agent, nation will dump him: Minister
  • Bangladesh forex reserve crosses $ 20 billion
  • Postponed HSC exam rescheduled for June 8
  • Tampering with history to turn unpleasant for Khaleda, Tarique
  • PM for building youth community as skilled workforce
  • HRW responds to ICT contempt notice
  • Road march seeking Teesta water concludes today
  • Dhaka seeks int’l support on Rohingya issue
  • City shop fire injures 9
  • Mahmuda gets permanent bail
  • One killed in city ‘shootout’
  • Jamaat activist killed in clash with AL men in Sirajganj
  • IO testified against Mir Quasem Ali
  • India poll favourite 'bachelor' Modi admits he is married
  • Hunt for MH370 closes in on 'final resting place'

Looking back 2013 : International

Jan 1: 61 dead in New Year’s celebration in Ivory Coast
Jan 2: Indian lawyers refuse to defend gang-rape accused
Jan 2: US arms sales to Asia set to boom on Pacific ‘pivot’
Jan 3: Delhi gang-rape suspects charged in court
Jan 3: 141 journalists killed in 2012
Jan 6: Assad appeals for dialogue to end conflict
Jan 6: Suu Kyi says any peace bid ‘up to government’
Jan 8: ‘17 billion’ Earth-sized planets in Milky Way: study
Jan 9: India, Pakistan warn against escalation over border killings
Jan 9: Venezuela delays Chavez inauguration as crisis deepens
Jan 9: Number of domestic workers surges 60pc in 15 years: ILO
Jan 13: Sri Lanka president sacks chief justice
Jan 14: ‘Argo’ wins at Golden Globes, letdown for Spielberg
Jan 15: Pakistan court orders PM arrest as protesters defiant
Jan 15: Suicides in US military rise to record level
Jan 16: Democracy seen in decline around the world: US study
Jan 17: 34 hostages killed in air strike by Algerian forces
Jan 17: Obama makes biggest gun-control push in decades
Jan 19: Passengers camp out at Heathrow after snow delays
Jan 20: Europe hit by blizzards, air traffic havoc, deaths
Jan 22: 4m extra jobless in 2012, another 5m this year: ILO
 Jan 23: Epilepsy drug has long-term effect on child IQ: study
Jan 24: North Korea plans nuclear test aimed at US
Jan 26: Deadly clashes in Egypt follow football verdicts
Jan 27: Nightclub fire kills 245 in Brazil
Jan 28: Taiwan billionaire launches Asian ‘Nobel prize’
Jan 28: Morsi declares emergency in 3 Egypt cities
Jan 29: 65 bodies found ‘executed’ in Syria river
Jan 31: Marriage is good for the heart: study

Feb 1: No new bases in Asia: US commander
Feb 2: Dozens suspended in Harvard cheat scandal
Feb 2: US military veteran suicides rise, one dies every 65 minutes
Feb 3: Pranab Mukherjee signs ordinance on sexual assault
Feb 5: Kashmir girl band quits after fatwa
Feb 5: Sunshine may ‘reduce arthritis risk’
Feb 7: Nepal’s Maoists set terms to end political deadlock
Feb 7: Earth-like planets may be closer than thought: study
Feb 9: India parliament attack plotter hanged
Feb 10: Swiss refuse to reopen Zardari graft probe: Islamabad
Feb 10: South Sudan attack leaves more than 100 dead
Feb 15: Meteorite hits central Russia, more than 500 people hurt
Feb 16: Rare mass rally in Singapore demands immigration curbs
Feb 18: UN team urges international action on Syria war crimes
Feb 18: Arctic ice loss, weather extremes show climate risk: UN
Feb 19: Nepal’s PM to quit ahead of June polls: deputy PM
Feb 20: Cameron says colonial massacre in India ‘shameful’
Feb 24: Arab militia kills 50 in Sudan’s Darfur
Feb 26: New study links extreme weather to climate change
Feb 27: Lack of sleep leads to groggy genes: study

Mar 1: Syria regime accused of village ‘massacre’ near Aleppo
Mar 4: Bomb kills 48 in Shia area of Karachi
Mar 5: Mexico’s Slim, Gates, Zara chief Ortega world’s richest
Mar 7: Berlusconi sentenced to year in jail over wiretap leaks
Mar 7: Scientists use brain electrodes to treat anorexia
Mar 8: Indian shrine chief to boycott Pakistan PM’s pilgrimage
Mar 15: China appoints Li Keqiang as new premier
Mar 10: US implant device helps prevent clotting: study
Mar 6: Hugo Chavez dies
Mar 11: Main accused in Delhi gang-rape found dead in cell
Mar 12: Late-winter snowstorm batters northwest Europe
Mar 12: Less sleep leads to more eating, weight gain: study
Mar 13: Soldier stoned to death for alleged affair in Pakistan
Mar 14: Xi Jinping named China president
Mar 15: India alerts airports to stop Italian envoy leaving
Mar 16: Swiss tourist gang-raped in India
Mar 19: 50 killed on eve of Iraq war anniversary
Mar 19: India govt rocked by coalition partner’s pullout
Mar 20: Obama vows peace on first visit to Israel as president
21: Car bomb kills 15 at Pakistan refugee camp
Mar 21: Sanjay Dutt gets five years in jail  blasts case
Mar 22: Myanmar imposes emergency rule as death toll hits 20
Mar 23: Taliban threatens to kill Musharraf
Mar 24: Oxford University sued for discriminating against poor
Mar 25: US cedes full control of Bagram to Afghan forces
Mar 27: Ex-British foreign secretary Miliband quits politics
Mar 28: Malala life story to be published for $3m
Mar 29: Pakistan lawyer throws shoe at Musharraf in court
Mar 29: Pope washes prisoners’ feet in Easter rite

Apr 1: Pak lawmakers holding fake degrees could face criminal cases: CJ
Apr 19: Pervez Musharraf arrested
Apr 2: Fire at Islamic school kills 13 boys in Myanmar
Apr 2: Eating fish linked to longer life: US study
Apr 3: Taliban kill 44 in attack on Afghan court
Apr 4: Obama to hand back five per cent of own salary
Apr 8: Margaret Thatcher dies
Apr 4: N Korea approves nuclear strike on US
Apr 5: 45 dead in India building collapse
Apr 7: NATO strike kills 10 children in Afghanistan
 Apr 10: US college student stabs 14 in Texas attack
Apr 11: Myanmar’s Muslims ‘barred from Suu Kyi meet’ in Japan
Apr 13: Russia hits 18 US officials with tit-for-tat entry ban
Apr 15: Maduro wins Venezuela vote
 Apr 16: Three dead, over 100 hurt in Boston Marathon bomb blasts
Apr 20: 157 dead in China quake
Apr 21: US academic gang-raped in PNG
Apr 22: HRW accuses Myanmar of ‘ethnic cleansing’
 Apr 24: Unrest in China’s Xinjiang kills 21
Apr 25: Afghan policewomen suffer sexual abuse at work: HRW
Apr 25: Taliban, taboos bar millions of women from Pakistan vote
Apr 26:78,000 Bhutan refugees move to West: UN
Apr 28: Italy ‘s new govt sworn in after deadlock
Apr 29: CIA gave millions in cash to Karzai over the years: NYT
Apr 30: Willem-Alexander sworn in as Dutch king

May 2: US citizen gets 15 years’ hard labour in N Korea
May 2: India demands justice as ‘spy’ dies in Pakistan
May 5: Malaysia ruling coalition wins simple majority in parliament
May 6: Parliament paralysed in India over scandals
May 7: 300,000 newborns die each year in India
May 9: Son of Pakistan ex-PM Gilani kidnapped
May 12: Nawaz Sharif wins Pakistan elections
May 13: Disasters displaced 32.4 million in 2012: watchdog
May 14: Jolie has double mastectomy to elude breast cancer
May 15: Imran Khan vows to work with Sharif on Pak terrorism
 May 18: North Korea fires three short-range missiles
May 21: 101 dead as massive tornado strikes US city
May 22: Landmark US immigration bill clears key Senate hurdle
May 30: Rituparno Ghosh dies
May 23: Japanese octogenarian scales Everest

June 1: Five killed in Oklahoma tornadoes
June 1: More than 1,000 Iraqis killed in May violence: UN
June 2: ‘Cash for access’ scandal hits Britain’s parliament
June 3: China poultry slaughterhouse fire kills 119
June 4: US tourist gang-raped in northern India
June 6: Cell phone records report triggers US outrage
June 6: Zawahri urges Syrians to unite against Assad, US
June 9: India opposition party names Modi to head campaign
June 9: 180,000 foreign workers leave Saudi in 2 months: report
June 10: Taliban launch large attack on Kabul international airport
June 11: Turkey PM vows ‘no more tolerance’ for protesters
June 12: Uproar in Greece over axing of state broadcaster
June 12: 10.5m children work as domestic servants: ILO
June 13: Australian military snared in new sex scandal
June 17: Most coal must stay in ground to save climate: report
June 17: Man survives plunge from 15th floor in New Zealand
June 18: Afghan forces take security lead
June 20: One woman in three a victim of domestic violence: WHO
May 23: Short-story writer Davis wins Booker
June 20: 1,000 feared dead in India monsoon as army mobilises
June 21:10 dead in latest Mumbai building collapse
June 25: Taliban attack Afghan presidential palace and CIA base
June 25: Qatar ruler hands power to son to mark ‘new era’
June 25: Berlusconi sentenced to jail in sex trial
June 26: Snowden ‘stuck’ in Moscow as Ecuador warns on asylum
June 27: Mouse cloned from drop of blood
June 28: US Senate passes immigration reform bill
June 30: Attacks kill 24 as British PM visits Pakistan

July 1: 19 Firefighters die in Arizona wildfire
July 2: One in 10 will live in climate hotspots by 2100
July 3: US drone strike kills 17 in Pakistan
July 4: Egypt swears in new interim leader
July 5: Mandela doctors advised family to turn off life support
July 6: 42 killed in Nigeria school attack
July 7: Five Philippine soldiers, many rebels killed in clash
July 8: 13 killed in India hotel collapse
July 8: Killing of 42 Egyptians triggers Islamist uprising call
July 9: Report reveals Pakistan-US ‘understanding’ on drones
Aug 4: Rowhani sworn in, calls West to talk
July 13: Bhutan opposition wins parliamentary elections
July 14: Italian senator compares black minister to orangutang
July 14: Taliban bans tight men’s clothing
July 16: NASA finds new moon on Neptune
July 17: Angry protests as school meal kills 22 children in India
July 17: Britain legalises gay marriage
July 18: Global poll sees China rising, but high marks for US
July 22: 89 dead in China earthquakes
July 22: 40 killed, 500 escape in deadly assaults on Iraq prisons 
July 23: Dolphins call each other by name
July 24: Afghan, Myanmar women win Magsaysay awards
Jylu 24: Nazi hunters launch German poster campaign
July 25: 8o dead in worst Spanish train crash in decades
July 25: US House votes to continue surveillance programme
July 25: 2,000 killed in Syria since start of Ramadan
July 26: Opposition PPP to boycott Pak presidential vote
Aug 1: Snowden leaves airport after Russia grants asylum
July 26: Tall women face higher cancer risk: study
July 28: Morsi supporters defiant after Egypt bloodshed
July 29: Car bombs kill 60 in Iraq
July 30: Pak politician Mamnoon elected president
July 31: Manning convicted of espionage, but not of aiding enemy

Aug 12: Norway PM turns secret cabbie in election drive
Aug 1: 40 killed in Syrian weapons depot blast
Aug 2: Taiwan lawmakers brawl over nuclear plant bill
Aug 6: Hiroshima marks anniversary of US atomic bombing
Aug 11: 100,000 apply to go to Mars and not return
Aug 12: Muslims close Lanka mosque after Buddhist unrest
Aug 14: Emergency declared as 124 killed in crackdown on Morsi loyalists
Aug 15: India PM tells Pakistan to stop ‘anti-India activity’
Aug 16: Beirut car bomb kills 22 in Hezbollah stronghold
Aug 16: CIA admits it spied on Noam Chomsky
Aug 20: Pervez Musharraf charged with Benazir’s murder
Aug 21: Syria opposition accuses regime of chemical attack, says 1,300 dead
Aug 22: Bradley Manning: please call me Chelsea
Aug 23: Photographer gang-raped in Mumbai
Aug 25: Fresh religious unrest breaks out in Myanmar
Aug 27: Malala awarded 2013 Children’s Peace Prize
Aug 28: Attacks kill 66 in Iraq
Aug 29: Scientists grow ‘mini human brains’ from stem cells

Sept 1: Assad defiant in face of US strikes threat
Sept 1: British broadcaster David Frost dies aged 74
Sept 1: Fox News analyst Tucker Carlson falls asleep on live TV
Sept 5: 50 to100 Afghan soldiers killed every week: US general
Sept 5: Indian diarist Sushmita Banerjee shot dead in Afghanistan
Sept 6: Nepal plans to name Himalayan peaks after Hillary, Tenzing
Sept 7: Tony Abbott to lead Australia
Sept 9: Pakistan’s new president takes office
Sept 10: Nearly quarter of men in Asia-Pacific admit to committing rape
Sept 11: One third of food wasted, costs world economy $750b: UN
Sept 12: Adoptive parents swap unwanted kids on internet
Sept 13: Delhi gang rapists sentenced to death
Sept 13: 37 dead in fire at Russian psychiatric hospital
Sept 16: ‘Widespread’ chemical weapons use in Syria: UN
Sept 16: US wakes up to a Miss America of Indian descent
Sept 17: Malala awarded top Amnesty award
Sept 18: Booker Prize expands to all writers in English
Sept 20: ‘Al-Qaeda’ Yemen rampage kills 56 soldiers, cops
Sept 20: Pakistani sisters kill themselves over dowry
Sept 22: Gunfire as Kenya forces battle to end deadly mall siege
Sept 29: Gunmen kill students as they sleep in Nigerian college

Oct 1: US federal government shuts down
Oct 2: Exercise rivals drugs for stroke, heart disease treatment
Oct 2: US girds for another day of government shutdown
Oct 3: Lalu Prasad sentenced to five years for graft
Oct 3: 93 dead in migrant boat disaster off Italy
Oct 4: Obama cancels Asia trip due to shutdown
Oct 6: Thousands march in US for immigration reform
Oct 7: Cellular breakthrough earns trio Nobel for medicine
Oct 8:  ‘God particle’ scientists win Nobel Physics Prize
Oct 8: Saudi preacher jailed 8 years for raping, killing daughter
Oct 9: Trio win Nobel for taking chemistry to cyberspace
Oct 10: Alice Munro wins Nobel Literature Prize
Oct 11: Chemical weapons watchdog OPCW wins Nobel Peace Prize
Oct 13: 91 killed in India temple stampede
Oct 13: Killer Indian cyclone wreaks havoc, 1 million evacuated
Oct 14: US trio win Nobel Economics Prize
Oct 24: ‘King of Melody’ Manna Dey dies
Oct 18: NZ author Eleanor Catton wins 2013 Booker Prize
Oct 24: Germany summons US envoy over alleged NSA spying
Oct 25: US monitored phone calls of 35 world leaders: report
Oct 27: Protesters march in Washington against NSA spying
Oct 27: Saudi women fined for defying driving ban
Oct 29: Maldivian MPs sack attorney general who blocked vote

Nov 3: UK scraps visa bond plan for ‘high-risk’ Asians, Africans
Nov 17: Yameen takes power in Maldives
Nov 3: Dozens of Rohingya missing after boat sinks off Myanmar
Nov 5: Saudis round up thousands of illegal immigrants
Nov 6: Democrats win in NY, Virginia in US voting
Nov 10: More than 10,000 feared dead in typhoon-ravaged Philippines
Nov 10: Venezuelan crowned Miss Universe in Moscow ceremony
Nov 12: Egypt is worst Arab state for women, Comoros best: survey
Nov 13: Indian dog ‘Rupee’ reaches Mt. Everest
Nov 21: Nepal in turmoil as Maoists reject election results
Nov 21: Myanmar rejects UN Rohingya citizenship appeal
Nov 24: Thai anti-govt protesters stage major rally
Nov 26: Police bar top Indian newspaper Tehelka editor from leaving country over sex assault
Nov 28: Italian parliament expels Silvio Berlusconi
Nov 29: 40 killed in depot blast in Libya, more clashes in east
Dec 6: Anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela dies
Nov 29: Syria refugee children working, missing school: UN

Dec 1: Police battle Bangkok protesters as crisis deepens
Dec 8: India’s Congress whipped in anti-graft poll backlash
Dec 2: China punishes 20,000 officials for being too bureaucratic
Dec 9: New party’s wins leave Delhi leadership unclear
Dec 10: Obama greets Cuba’s Raul Castro
Dec 10: World leaders, South Africans honour Mandela
Dec 11: 230m children under 5 never registered: UN
Dec 11: More than 80 flights cancelled at London airports due to fog
Dec 12: Thai protesters cut off power to PM’s offices
Dec 12: Homelessness, demand for food increase in US city survey
Dec 13: North Korea executes leader’s uncle as a traitor
Dec 17: India-US row over diplomat deepens
Dec 19: South Sudan civil war fears grow as rebels seize town 


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