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  • Car bomb hits Damascus as more die in ‘ceasefire’
  • Carter warns against war with Iran
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  • Selima Rahman, two women lawyers get bail
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Carter warns against war with Iran

Agence France-Presse . Chicago

Former US president Jimmy Carter warned against a possible war with Iran Monday as he decried his nation’s involvement in unjust conflicts at a summit of Nobel Peace Prize laureates in Chicago.
Carter, a naval veteran who served as Democratic president from 1977 to 1981, said that while he is ‘not against conflict when necessary,’ the criteria for a just war are often not met.
War is only just when it is a ‘last resort’ after ‘every other possible peaceful resolution’ is exhausted, when all efforts are made to protect civilians, when the purpose of the conflict is to make the situation better, not worse, when society in general agrees it is just and when the level of violence is ‘proportional to the injury received,’ he said.
‘That would obviously exclude our recent policy of preemptive war,’ Carter said in a keynote address.
The United States has been ‘almost constantly at war’ in the past 60 years — in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, Libya, Panama, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and many others.

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Car bomb hits Damascus as more die in ‘ceasefire’

A car bomb on Tuesday rocked central Damascus, a day after nearly 60 were killed across Syria despite a hard-won ceasefire and the upcoming deployment of 300 UN peace monitors. Full story

Carter warns against war with Iran

Former US president Jimmy Carter warned against a possible war with Iran Monday as he decried his nation’s involvement in unjust conflicts at a summit of Nobel Peace Prize laureates in Chicago. Full story

Sudan bombs S Sudan

South Sudan’s leader accused Sudan of declaring war on Tuesday as Khartoum’s fighter jets bombed border regions in defiance of international calls for restraint. Full story

Israel legalises 3 settler outposts, angering Palestinians

Israel decided on Tuesday to legalise three settler outposts, which the Palestinians denounced as a response to a letter from the president, Mahmud Abbas, demanding a halt to settlement activity if peace... Full story

Ukraine’s jailed ex-PM goes on hunger strike

Ukraine’s jailed ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko has been on a hunger strike for the past five days to protest her treatment and demand an end to political repression, her lawyer said Tuesday. Full story

Egypt military confirms ban on Mubarak officials

Egypt’s military head of state has upheld a new law barring senior officials from the regime of former strongman Hosni Mubarak of standing for the presidency, state news agency MENA reported on... Full story

Ex-guerrilla wins East Timor presidency

Former guerrilla fighter Taur Matan Ruak has officially won East Timor’s presidential election, according to a court statement that confirmed preliminary results announced last week. Full story

UN leader to meet Suu Kyi for first time

UN leader Ban Ki-moon said Monday he will visit Myanmar to support democratic reforms and called for a ‘harmonious’ deal allowing opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to take an oath as a deputy. Full story

James Murdoch faces UK press inquiry grilling

Former News International executive chairman James Murdoch began giving testimony under oath Tuesday at the British inquiry into press standards set up after the tabloid phone-hacking row. Full story

Iran says new US sanctions could affect talks

Iran on Tuesday warned that new US sanctions targeting its access to surveillance technology were ‘negative’ and could adversely affect its crucial talks next month with world powers over Tehran’s nuclear... Full story

US commits to Afghan security in new pact

The United States has committed to ensuring Afghanistan’s security for at least 10 years after most of its troops pull out in 2014, the Afghan deputy foreign minister said Tuesday. Full story

Indian custody row kids arrive home from Norway

Two Indian children at the centre of an international custody row returned to New Delhi on Tuesday to be cared for by an uncle one year after authorities in Norway removed them from their parents. Full story

Immigration crucial in baby-scarce Singapore

Singapore’s population will start to shrink by 2025 if no new citizenships are granted to immigrants and the fertility rate remains low, a government paper said Tuesday. Full story

Sarkozy, Hollande step up battle for far-right votes

Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist rival Francois Hollande stepped up their battle Tuesday for the six million votes that went to the far-right in the first round of France’s presidential election. Full story

On Facebook, beauty is more than screen deep

Having attractive friends will make you more popular on Facebook, especially if you are a woman, according to a new study that takes Charles Darwin into the domain of cyber networking. Full story

Chavez will return to Venezuela this week

The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, said by phone that he will return home this week after cancer treatment in Cuba, in an apparent bid to quash speculation that his health is failing. Full story
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